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About Loretta

Loretta changes lives.

She speaks to, inspires and mentors women who are struggling to find their ‘happy’.

Loretta LIVES what she believes in and has the ability to reach out to, and hold space for, the women with whom she works.

Supporting them in a way that enables them to take action in their lives to bring about long-lasting and fulfilling and often surprisingly amazing changes.

A mother of four children, sons aged 22 &19 and a daughter aged 15, and a son Flynn who sadly died during childbirth. Flynn would have been 18 this year.

This and other life experience means that Loretta ‘knows’ about life. She has lived it. She has grieved through it, after initially squaring her shoulders and continuing on, and has come out the other side.

She discovered that pushing through doesn’t cut it. ‘Unhappy’ is the only way to describe where she found herself.

Now her mission is to inspire positive change.

Because she knows, for women, staying in their unhappy eats away at them and those around them.  While not every day is filled with rainbows and butterflies they can create small but mighty changes to move towards what they want.

The process for change is simple, if not easy.
By coupling greater awareness with action they become happier chicks.

She knows that happiness is an ‘inside job’  and it’s when they take the steps through the gateway of calm they can live with intention and enjoy life.

Her multiple areas of skill work together in beautiful synchronicity to ensure that her clients are guided, mentored, inspired and most of all loved for who they are. As a result, they too are able to love themselves and find their happy.

She is also learning that worrying about what other people think is not her job in life, hence this gorgeous photo. Lol!

What people say about working with Loretta

I was feeling heavy, lost, uneasy and many negative descriptive words, but I didn't realise it. I was hiding.  I was doubtful that changes could improve my life.  From week 1 I started paying attention, this 'stuff' Loretta was talking about, it made sense. It resonated, it made me think deeply, it made me reflect. It made me change  4 weeks and my thinking has changed, my lists are new, my dreams are more prominent and my life feels like I'm starting to wake up.  I was sleep walking through the last 7 years of my life, not now, I'm making changes, I'm looking from a different perspective and I'm happy to be me.
Before I was struggling to stay afloat. I felt lost, overwhelmed and was struggling to find myself again after the craziness of having children. Loretta has given me the tools and inspiration I need to work on all of these things, to find my happiness and spark again. Even after just a couple of days I was seeing things in a much more positive light and felt worthy of making changes for myself and my family.
It's a wonderful experience of self - discovery with Loretta's guidance and the camaraderie of other happy chicks.  My heart is lighter and i have lots more faith in myself and enjoy a happier mind. 
A wonderful journey of self discovery into happiness.  Loretta creates a safe container for emotional exploration.  A powerful reminder that what we need for happiness is already inside us.
I loved this experience, was feeling so disconnected and lost, after this I have clarity and a starting point to get back to who I am which I’m excited about.  Starting to feel a little passionate and excited about things again.
Loretta is a very in tune coach.  She can read her clients very well and is sensitive and caring in her approach to finding solutions. Her fun and outgoing friendliness is infectious and I’d recommend her to everyone looking to find their happiness.
I am now seeing and living life differently. My masks are slowly being removed and each time a mask is removed, I feel lighter, I feel happier, I feel more loveable and more accepting of me. This journey does not end. I have a lot of catching up to do with the awesome person I have neglected for so long. Thank you for helping me remove my first mask......and trust me, that one was superglued on.

Create Your Happiness

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