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You are looking for more happiness but it seems out of reach, and when you're able to grasp it, the moments are fleeting and superficial.

There are many paths to bringing more happiness and joy into your days.
But the well-worn paths of 20 years ago don't give us the zing we once got.

It's time to explore new ways to bring more connection, confidence, calm, peace and happiness into each day.

Take the quiz to find which path to begin exploring today.

Happiness is a bit like Rome, all roads can lead to it.

There isn't just one path to Happiness

Not one key opens all doors, hence there is no silver bullet or magic pill to make it all better.  Over the years I’ve had clients who just want the “thing” that in 3 simple steps means they are have arrived at Happiness.  The silver bullet doesn’t exist, but don’t be disheartened when you hear this, it’s a good thing.  It means that happiness is accessible through many gateways.  If you feel Courage is blocked off for you right now, take the path of Focus, if that feels too hemmed in take the path through Trust, if that feels too deep too soon, take the path through Vitality. Theses pathways and more will be explored in my new book coming soon, but for now join us on the Happy Chicks Podcast for conversation about these pathways and more.

Grab your headphones, put on your shoes and take us in your ears.

Are you like me?

We are chicks who do a lot.
We are mums, lovers, friends, leaders, sisters, business owners, taxi drivers, lego engineers, and teenager wranglers.  You name it, we do it.
We want to be happy and live a life of flow – where we value ourselves, cultivate deep relationships, know what we believe in, celebrate our strengths and enjoy the moment.
Life presents challenges and we can fall out of flow, get into a funk and lose our way. It’s ok, you are human. 
The trick is getting back to being clear on what we want and developing our tool kit, which we actually use, to bring about a life where we shift from beige and dull to joy and colour.
Yes, it’s possible.

“She Took The Leap And Built Her Wings On The Way Down”

This is one of my favourite sayings, I can hear you though and you’re right it’s not easy.
Basically you're shit scared.
You are looking over the edge wondering if all this leaping and building of wings is worth it. What if you just put up with whatever is going on a bit longer and just see how you go? You can certainly try that, but we both know, that tactic is no longer working for you.

Leaping is scary, change is sometimes vomit inducing but it's also exhilarating, freeing and a lot of fun.
Loretta Hart

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Happiness isn't found at the bottom of a pinot gris bottle or in the 5th season of a Netflix series.

Happiness s an inside job

Just's time