2 Great Reasons to Be Kind

Looking for more happy? Try on Kindness and see if it’s a good fit.

I’ve heard it said that kindness is the new black, maybe it will look good on you.

I know it sounds like a no brainer to want to incorporate more kindness into your days but did you know that when we are kind we set off a cascading positive effect in our body?

1.Kindness kickstarts a bundle of happy hormones in your body. 

Oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin all come rushing out to play when we give or act in a generous manner.  These brain chemicals make us feel good.  It’s often referred to as the Helper’s High.

But these bursts don’t last all day, so kindness gets to be a practice you exercise throughout your day. Developing a kindness habit is one that costs you nothing and is good for your emotional health.

2.Kindness helps you self regulate.

Self regulation or mood shifting is a superpower anyone can attain.  Imagine being able to shift how you are feeling more easily?  Follow me on this one.

To be kind we have to truly see and hear someone else’s need. This requires us to connect and be present with them.  Being present requires us to be grounded and centered.  Being grounded and centered means we have checked in with how we are feeling, noticing if we have capacity to be kind in this moment.  It calls us to tune into how we are traveling. This is how we self regulate.  By checking in we can better understand how we are feeling and how we’d rather feel.  This is how we shift.

And remember like charity, kindness begins at home, meaning with you.  The best kind of kindness is self kindness, a beautiful gift you can give to yourself daily.

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